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Valley Metal Treating

Valley Metal Treating Inc. is an aerospace approved heat treating company located in Pomona, California. Established in 1936, Valley Metal Treating, Inc. (VMT) has served the Southern California area for more than seventy years. VMT operates a fleet of radio dispatched trucks providing pick-up and delivery service to Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. Currently, VMT has more than thirty employees, some of whom have been with company for longer than twenty years.

VMT employees comprise a highly-talented and experienced group. Management personnel and top level production personnel are all experienced heat treating professionals with decades of industry service. VMT attribute its success to its experienced, expert personnel who have a willingness to apply that expertise and take pride in delivering high quality, sophisticated heat treating solutions.


Specialized Processes

VMT specializes in the heat treatment of alloy and stainless steels, tool steels, and copper alloys. Processing capabilities include vacuum, atmosphere neutral heat treating; carburize, and carbon-nitride case hardening; open fire with oil or water quench; neutral salt bath with oil or marquenching; and precipitation hardening. Atmospheres include air, nitrogen, and endothermic.

Innovative Thermal Processing Equipment

All equipment is certified and meets the latest AMS requirements. VMT provides total capability heat treating with a variety of top quality furnaces.

Quality Policy

"To Provide Reliable Service and
Consistent Workmanship to Our Customers"

VMT believes in consistency of performance, total professionalism and quality assurance through every step of the the entire thermal process. Heat treating is an essential manufacturing process, protecting and enhancing the engineering excellence of a design and contributing to the value and integrity of a product. VMT is trusted to deliver reliable and dependable processes to meet precise specifications, which means consistency from first piece to last. Knowledge of the internal geometry of alloy metals and understanding how these metals react to heating and cooling processes allow the professionals at VMT to exact control of the process until the precise properties are achieved. Reliable service and consistent workmanship have provided Valley Metal Treating with an established reputation of excellence and high performance.