Dura Plastic Products, Inc.   (951) 845-3161

Sales Representative

Devin Cahn Associates
3032 W Bears Avenue
Tampa, Florida 33618

States & Industries Represented

Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Illinois, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, California: Central, California: Northern, California: Southern (Los Angeles, San Bernardino & Riverside Counties), California: Southern (Orange County, San Diego County), Arizona, Florida, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, Northern, Texas, Southern

After 30 years in the pool, spa and leisure business, DCA has become the measuring rod for other professional companies in the business. Devin Cahn manages a staff of seventeen employees who possess over 100 years combined experience in the pool and spa business. DCA's sales representatives are strategically located throughout the US, Puerto Rico, British Columbia, and Alberta Canada.